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Phoenix v1 & v2 (2023) Charged Up

Phoenix was made for the 2022-23 season, Charged Up. Phoenix V1 Competed at Northern Lights in Duluth Minnesota. 

After our lackluster performance at Duluth we decided to tear Phoenix down to the ground and rebuild from ground zero. 

After just 10 days Phoenix V2 rose from the ashes and went on to our Competition at Iowa to be a Finalist and earn us a Wildcard slot to the World Championship in Houston.


King Midas (2022) Rapid React

King Midas was made for the 2021-22 season, Rapid React. Midas traveled to two competitions, Iowa Regional and North Star Regional.


Steve?? (2020-21) infinite recharge

Steve was built for 2020, Infinite Recharge, but sadly never got to compete in a regional, only a mini-comp.


Dumm-e (2019) Destination Deep space

DUMM-E Probably our most ambitious robot to date, maybe too ambitious....


Eagle One (2018) Power up

A bot designed to be a support bot through and through, had deployable wings for other robots to climb.


(2017) Steamworks

A speedy but sturdy Mecanum bot that ran gears as fast as possible.


(2016) Stronghold

A short and stout robot for traversing the defenses and scoring low with the capability of scoring high.


Spock (2015) Recycle Rush

2015 was a very successful year for 2667, we were alliance captains for the first time and made it to the Minnesota MSHSL State tournament.


(2014) Aerial assist

We don't talk about this one...


(2013) ultimate ascent

Shoot them frisbees!


(2012) rebound rumble

This robot was designed to pickup and shoot basketballs into three different hoops.

Kobe! (R.I.P)




Zeus (2011) logo motion

Picks up inflatable tubes and scores them on rods, trying to make the FIRST logo. Also look our first attempt at Swerve!


Frank (2010) breakaway

2010 is the only year our team has won a regional, North Star in Minneapolis, MN.

Went on to compete at the World Championship in Atlanta, Georgia.


(2009) lunacy

Lunar Regolith is an interesting game element, also it definitely looks like a Train.


Tank (2008) first overdrive

Our teams Rookie Season, Tank was definitely deserving of his name.